Tube bending tools engineering


Tube bending for lot of people seems to be a very easy job. That is why there are a lot of discussions when the case is to sell the modern and high technology tube bending machine. Manufacturer tries to explain what all the options for, what are the problems and why finally the machine cost so high! Sure thing all the things are clear enough for the people in really productivity industries like automotive. But when the story is for other applications…

Tube bending tools could be quite expensive as well. Mainly there are two main principles – main sizes and complexity of development and production. Any even simple tools for big diameters for oil and gas lines, shipbuilding etc. when the diameters are nearly hundred and more cost lot of money. For small diameters the cost could be for complicated tools with the special surfaces, short clamping parts for tight block of the tube, multi-stack tools with several radiuses on one tool to work with different planes…

Moreover the responsibility is high! There are no unification and standardization; tooling is only for the specific machine and specific job to do. Even sizes of the tools are different – all manufacturers have their own connections to tie the customer with the future tooling supplies. And for bending tools there is only one result – to bend the tube with proper requirements. Yes, a lot of depends on the machine and the operator skills for setup but tool is main and general part you can’t ignore.

Complicated tube bending tools are really look impressive. And the jobs with them are the really wonderful view to explain for potential customers all the possibilities and functions. A sure thing, a lot of depends of the costs but if you run the machine for half of million USD with the thousands of parts for daily production you can’t ignore the quality tools. Otherwise why do you purchase the machine?

Why and what for we write?


There are so many industrial journals and a lot of information in the Internet, what is the reason to make one more blog with general info? It is true. Anyway we will continue and would like to fulfill the task step by step to explain more about technologies, metal working machines and Italy as the main part of it.

There are no specific technical information or detailed things about the technologies which you can get from the manufacturers and public articles. We are not looking for our target to ask people to make any decision but to provide the interesting blog line to scroll down with morning coffee. No ads and not a lot of information, just small notes and articles about metalworking world.

Sure thing we will write also about us but will share our view to other fields as well. If you want to make small note about your workshop, production or machinery – you are also welcome, we will be glad to make it with your source link and publish with our source. Of course free of charge, just for general information cloud. Stay tuned!